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Natural Bodies in one not working


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This is extremely confusing issue I'm having. First of all, I'm using DAO Mod Manager, DAZip mods work with no issues, but when it comes to override mods it's confusing. I've got 2 override mods, 1st one is Morrigan's Looser Robe Braless Version HD(This mod works fine), 2nd one is Natural Bodies all in one, and that's where I have issues.



Now, I did as instructed, extracted the 7z file with 7zip, dragged the override of "Natural Bodies all in one" which is named as NBaio.override into DAO Mod Manager, I pressed right click and then install. Took about a minute, but it has installed successfully, "override is compatible", that is what the mod manager said. Then I pressed right click to NBaio which was in the installed override section and went to config. I've made it how I want it and clicked X(realized there was no "save" button). I thought: "Great, simple and quick", so I open up the game, I load my save, I remembered that I needeed to take off clothes to see the effect but nothing happened, my character was naked but naked in default, not the way I wanted it to be(e.g., bigger breasts or wet athletic body, none of that happened).



So I tried few things,


1) I started new game, thought that was maybe the issue but no, still not working.

2) Maybe my DAO Manager shouldn't be on desktop I remember seeing a thread where one guy had the mod manager in Documents\BioWare\DragonAge. But again, no success, it made no difference.

3) I uninstall and install "Natural Bodies all in one" twice, maybe that'll somehow miraculously fix the issue, no, I don't know why I thought that'd work(it's like blowing into your PS2 memory card and thinking it'll work).

4) I uninstalled "Natural Bodies all in one" and installed "Natural Bodies", thought maybe this one will work. Never have I been so wrong, it made no difference, still hasn't worked.


So I went to see if anyone else had this issue, naturally, many did, but many of them didn't have an issue like me, where one override mod works, and second one doesn't.


Does anyone know what the hell is the problem here, why is mod not working?

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Hmmm... it sounds like it installed correctly. (And yes, DAO Mod Manager does not have a 'save' dialogue... it's a little confusing at first!)




First, have you installed any other mods? If so, what are they? Second, have you tried installing ONLY NBaio, to see if it works? Thirdly, (and you may not be able to answer this one, depending on your progress in the game), while it's not working for the race/gender of your toon, is it working for other races/genders?


And if you could search your override for files with names that contain 'XX_arm_nud' in their names (replace 'XX' with the applicable race/gender combo; i.e., hf, hm, ef, em, df, dm... 'hf_arm_nud' > human female) as that will help track down any possible conflicts.


Finally, addressing your numbered list:


1. NBaio does not require starting a new game.

2. No idea whether installing to Desktop could be an issue... I've always installed to a Programs folder on a dedicated (non- C drive) Programs-only drive, but I'm really finicky about stuff like that. *rolls eyes at self*

3. Always worth a try. :-)

4. Another indication that there may be a mod (or mods) conflicting with the nude body model(s).

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Yes, I have: No Helmet Hack 1_6, Morrigan Restoration Patch (These are DAzip mods I have). Morrigan Looser Robe Braless HD, Sexy Chantry Robes, Sexy Apprentice Robes, Sexy Enchanter Robes(These are all override mods I have, The "Robes" mods are not in DAO Mod Manager, but I did put them manually in \packages\core\override), and NBaio as mentioned. I also have Better Sex Cutscenes - WIP(Wasn't DAzip nor override file, just needed to put it in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override, so I did, essentially same s#*! like "Robes" mods).


Now, I tried removing all mods and leave NBaio as only one installed and still, it didn't work. Will do third question in the meantime.

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Now, I tried removing all mods and leave NBaio as only one installed and still, it didn't work. Will do third question in the meantime.


I don't see any obvious conflicts in your mod list, and even if there were any, reducing the list to just NBaio should have done the trick.


*scratches head*


When NBaio is installed and configured, do you have a 'NBaio' folder in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override? That folder should contain two folders - 'Default' and 'Variants' - and a file called OverrideConfig.xml. Are they present?

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Wait - you said you'd uninstalled all other mods, but if you've got files in the override folder they may still conflict with NBaiO. To really troubleshoot the problem, install and configure NBaiO the way you usually do. Then copy the entire "Nbaio" folder and paste it into the "toolsetexport" folder inside your override folder. If "toolsetexport" doesn't exist, you can create it.


After this folder is done copying, start your game. It won't matter if it's a new game or one in progress. Get somebody naked.


If they're still not naked the way you want them to be naked via NBaiO, then you've got more in-depth troubleshooting to do. Come back here and offer theskymoves videos of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and she might help you shoot your trouble.


If they're naked exactly the way you want them to be naked via NBaiO, congratulations! You've got conflicting files somewhere in the override folder and this should be easy to fix. You should still come back here and offer theskymoves videos of Adrien Belew, because that's just good karma.


After the offering, go searching around in your override folder for any additional copies of the files that are in the Nbaio folder. I like to use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, which is a free program (but be careful what you agree to when you're installing it or you'll end up with a bunch of crap you don't want), becauste it will tell you what duplicates you've got without you having to tell it you're looking specifically for "hf_arm_nuda_0d.dds" or whatever. Run it on your override folder. Ignore duplicates within the Nbaio folder, but any copies of the Nbaio files outside the Nbaio folder should be deleted or moved to a folder somewhere far away.


Again, if this solves your problem you should come back here and tell theskymoves that Esme is a pretty, pretty princess and then go play some more Dragon Age with naked people wherever and however you want them.


If it doesn't, then I may be able to help you figure out what's up but I may be super slow responding because I'm on holiday for the next week and a half and have had about a gallon of wine. I'm only here now because my husband fell asleep early.

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