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[MOD REQUEST] Warhammer 40k Races, Armors, and Weapons


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I would really love to see a mod that adds races from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Obviously it would be nice said mod could also add weapons and armor for the races.
The races I think it would be worth attempting to implement are:
-Space Marines





-Dark Eldar


And though not separate races, maybe some weapons and armor could be added for the Adeptus Sororitas (Sisters of Battle) and Astrum Militarum (Imperial Guard).

If someone were willing to go all out, they could even add vehicles. Some examples of vehicles for the Space Marine race are: Scout Bike, Landspeeder, Predator Tank, Land Raider, Thunderhawk, and the Space Marine mech could be a Dreadnought.
I really hope someone decides to pick up this idea. If anyone does so after having read this request, please consider making the Necron race playable first, as that is the one I am most interested in. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment with any thoughts or suggestions.

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