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Is ''mages initiation'' Himalayan/agdi ''not a fake'' but a semi-scam in anyone's opinion, nonetheless?


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It would be wise to wonder at this point, If ''mages initiation'' Himalayan/agdi 'while 'not a fake'' could be a semi-scam, just the same?


The kids that wanted to play this now have kids of there own! With the degree of stretch goals and dragging it out over decades, my ideas are:



1. Perhaps these people seem to be toying for more money, dragging there feet.



2. They are ocd, and processes involved with developing have over time, become its own end and meaning.



3. They don't know the point in a project where you let go, say its done....and release a update, if need be for pragmatic reasons: That is my kindest theory.



4. worse case, and I don't really believe this: what they released so far to the backers is all they have.



Any thoughts?

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