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[LE] Custom Hair Tutorial

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So I downloaded and installed the creation kit and watched the tutorial from Bethesda. I was highly disappointed in the lack of assistance that was rendered for specifically what I want to do. I want to create a mad that adds more afro-textured hair to the game. Now, I'm not an artist, but I figured I could find someone, and then I could implement it into the game. Nowhere, however, can I find a tutorial for creating and adding your own custom created hair into the Creation Kit, and attaching it to races.


I'd like to to add hairstyles like these.


It might be tough, but I'll do it. Games don't have enough afro-textured hair styles. I mainly want to use them on my Redguard characters. I understand that Redguards aren't necessarily the same as Africans (I hear they are more based upon the Middle-East and such), however, their appearance is more in line with real-world individuals descended from black Africans. I feel very weird giving them straight hairstyles, but don't want a friggin' bald head either all the time. I know they have thick dreads, but is that enough? I like to think of my character as a badass warrior that doesn't always have time to put her hair up in a lock, and maybe spends minute time on it. (Note: I'm not complaining or labeling Bethesda racist or any nonsense like that. I just simply want options that don't exist, and so I'm trying to create those options so they exist for me and others I've seen asking online.)


Anyone able to help me with this?

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Hair modeling for Skyrim is quite straightforward, I've done it a lot lately and if you can put the model together (which isn't really something anyone can give you straight solutions for, have to trial and error yourself to understand it) you skin it, use the same procedures as in armor exporting, set dismemberment to Hair slot 1, process it with NifSkope as you would with armor and then add it as a HeadPart in the CK, assigned to the race formlist you want to distribute it into (HeadPartsHumansAndVampires for example if it's a human hair).


Armor tutorials are available in abundance for both Blender and 3ds Max. I would write a proper tutorial for this but I'm really short on free time as of late.

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