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Anthem/DAI comparison


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Anthem concept vs Dragon Age Inquisition concept. Does it look similar? A castle/headquarters where you have a story, heading outside with companions replaced with players in Anthem to gather materials/ combat enemies...

Also I have heard that DA Inquisition was meant to be MMO - I couldn't imagine it before, but after I saw locations of Anthem - it looks similar in some way. Maybe Anthem is something DAI was meant to be originally, but was attempted to revert back to RPG, but never felt like RPG really. Or maybe EA was forcing this model before, but Bioware still wanted to have RPG, but this hybrid didn't work well for fans of Dragon Age franchise, so they are now making a new IP with this lite MMO model?

I have to say it makes more sense with other players - I just felt very lonely in DAI even with companions - I really do enjoy this kind of gameplay more with other players - When I'm alone I prefer more of story/quests and living world. On the other hand when I do have it, usually I don't need anyone else to play with me - the problem I always had in those big open world MMOs, esp when they decided to force players to group for some reason.


So players were not so far away when they complained about DAI and I still don't get why some people couldn't understand it - there was almost 0 RPG in DAI - 8 hours long main quest and interaction with companions - I guess you will get exactly the same in Anthem, only this time it will not be called true RPG and you will get what you expect. So I feel relieved that I wasn't saying just dirt and complaining for nothing, that it is all starting to make sense now.


Also a side note - It was quite funny to hear some youtubers saying that Bioware don't have experience with those kind of games - like multiplayer coop, so on - it is not like there is no Star wars MMO, multiplayer DAI/ME3 ... Like they would be playing DAO only :tongue: Multiplayer in DAI was really great - I was playing it a lot.

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So after Anthem was released I was wondering about 1 thing - that DAI has 8 different zones and Anthem only 1 after 6-7? years of development and that their multiplayer had more of cosmetics even RPG based - like adding a new agent, but Anthem offers only those 4 not really that interesting javellin models at the date of release of the game and 1 big zone - or is there more?

And I saw games like Skyforge with very high quality zones, but not procedurally generated and still players didn't like that much to repeat them, compared to Warframe based on procedural tunnels, still it was proclaimed to be more fun to play than Skyforge.
So I'm not sure if that 1 big zone is also for coop missions, but if it is it feels like they mixed singleplayer experience, where it seems like players prefer hand made zones with coop experience, where players prefer procedural zones. And if they could create 8 zones for DAI, why not for Anthem in the day of release of the game?

Also I wonder if there would be no big zone if the loading screens would be shorter - I got that impression that those people, who prefer this kind of coop, want fast action, so loading screen can be quite a problem.


And I was very excited about the background lore - I was imagining you will be fighting with some scary colossus, with deadly waves of toxic weather or something.

But anyway I really was hoping for success for Bioware.

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