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I'm currently looking for another job and am seeking something like data entry and customer service or anything that let's me work from my home really. This is new to me as the type of work I usually do is not at home and not really with computers. From what I have seen, there are many online jobs to choose from, offered by many different companies. My question is what should I look out for when choosing to work for a company online? Are some of them scams? One that I applied for this morning requires me to download and use their AV software- but, I already have AVG. I'm just looking to make some money without getting tricked is all. Is there a website that reviews online jobs perhaps? Any advice would be appreciated.

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an excellent question or several.

I'm in the process of writing a long-form NMM Inbox about it.


The truncated version is;



I recommend looking into

"Cyber Preparedness Courses"

which are run real-world or via correspondence

at Local Libraries, Tertiary Education Providers, some LANClubs and Tertiary Computing Society,

Freethinkers Without Borders International, WhiteHats,

and 'belief paradigmatic providers'

often free for the public to attend.

In some nationstates, such "cyber preparedness courses" are compulsory components of

"Employment Readiness Pathways" etc.


At these, they'll workshop strategies and how to discern stuff

usually, they'll cover materials from ICANN, ISO,

and from nationstate-specific stuff such as

JohnsHopkins Center for Asymmetric Cyber Conflict Studies

Tamkang's Institute for Public Cyber Safetys.



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Do some online web search and do some research on potential companies.


If you can, you can try Blogging or being a youtuber. You can also do some drop shipping and sell stuff online like on Amazon- find a manufacturer that you like to work with.

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Yeah, people keep telling me to start a Youtube channel, but I have no idea what that would be about. Maybe I could get permission and feature mods or something- I would call it my mod spotlight and feature mods that are good, but, didn't get that many downloads for whatever reasons.

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