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Exercise Mod (i.e. Action Point Refresh Control)

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I wish to turn Fallout 4 into an interactive form of exercise. To do so, I need a mod that links action point regeneration to some user input (I'm thinking a key press). Then it's pretty straightforward to hack a recumbent exercise bike to issue key-presses.

Doesn't sound very complicated, but I've never done any modding so what do I know? Thanks for your consideration.

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This is a great idea -

it's like telepresence etc; biometric controllers - your body is the controller stuff;

reminds me of the "AR/VR 'virtual PT-trainer" suite from Dynaguy and

VR-assisted physio therapy, exercise therapy etc.


I digress;

so, it might be possible from a few ways



like the JunkJet,

AP could be modified to be a "counts-as hidden nested container"

with inputs filtered from input isPressed stuff...

it's kludge-y, but, should be reliable if you're wanting to play for a couple of hours.


so, each pedal turn or row is XYZ RPM...

an infinitesimal.

80RPM = 1 input type of pegging?


it could then have decay rates and 'perks' which are proportionate to the

fitbands biometric data of the user...

so, you could make it 120RPM and not dropping below 100 etc. = 1 input increment.



I'm also wondering if GOTY/ GOG's versions

can be done via a different menu-style 'mode' configuration.

ie, you can hold the X button for 3 seconds continuously to have that input switch to alternate mode the pedals or row-bar etc,

count as X.

this way, you won't get involuntary X presses when you decide to cancel out and pause.



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I tried to use my computer and exercise bike at the same time in the past but every time I got engrossed I'd slow down and not notice.

Not really following your solution very well, but if I have to write this myself I suppose I will learn enough to eventually! Thank you.

I wasn't thinking of a decay rate, merely having it run down through the gameplay actions, but the replenishment scheme could definitely benefit from a bit of flexibility to meet the needs of different users.

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