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Need help creating Zeta-effect melee weapon in CK


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:laugh: Hi all,


I'm completely brand-new to this stuff, I have a little bit of coding experience plus a lot of Fallout 4 experience and I'm excited to test my creativity with CK & F4 and I heard you guys are the go-to gurus for CK help! :geek:


My goal: To create a Boxing Glove which produces the Zeta "push" effect on enemies and anything else you may feel ike punching too!


The problem: Although I almost done it by simply creating a new Boxing Glove weapon object and inputting the Zeta Enc effect into the "Enchantment" field, it ONLY WORKS on enemies while they are still alive after a hit. i.e. if you hit the enemy with a kill-hit, there is NO Zeta push effect.


I attempted to go one-step further and create a legendary weapon through the "CustonQuestItemScript"(?) method, using the zeta push effect as the legendary effect, but it didn't work. Probably because I don't understand the process and the setup properly.


I would really love some help with this. I should probably say it's a PS4 Mod. So I think I have to avoid creating custom scripts. :confused:


I've read a lot of help articles and even watched some YT vids which I don't usually do unless I'm getting stuck. :sad:

Please help!




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Try ticking the "No Death Dispel" box?

Oh hi Larko84 (very good year),

No, that doesn't work. The Magic effect uses this PushActorAwayScript for the effect:

Scriptname PushActorAwayScript extends ActiveMagicEffect

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
	akCaster.PushActorAway(aktarget, Magnitude)

Float Property Magnitude Auto Const

Pretty straight forward, but I can't work out how the zeta push mod pushes dynamic objects as well as Actors. That knowledge would help a lot I think.



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By getting stuck-in, I think I've worked out that the effect on dynamic objects is created by the Projectile Form type.


If this is true, then maybe I could somehow add a cloned PushProjectile (with a very short range) onto the boxing glove.


How could I do that or is there an easier way by creating an ObjectMod or something?


There must be a way to do it without adding any assets.

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