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A death mod request/proposal


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Hello! Well. Everyone knows how sometimes the F5/F9 system can make the system uninteresting. Recently I tried the "another kick in the head" mod. Playing knowing you won't load the game, every choice is definitive and you have to deal with consequences (except for bugs and stuff you wouldn't know) makes mojave really interesting. For example, for the first time Ringo died saving Goodsprings and... I dealt with it. Realod infinite times until everyone is alive? BORING! (Also is not that important NPC so...). It's nice to play this way. WIth fear. A mine in the ground that cripples your leg? You learn to pay more attention and not just F9.


But I don't like that mod. Losing all your stuff... is more annoying than challenging. I had to cheat and load.

So my proposal... maybe someone knows if this exists or can create it... it can be easy and would be so nice... I don't know how to make mods. I'm a programmer so maybe I can learn it if someone helps me or something xDD I never tried deeply.


- When your HP reaches zero, you are instantly teleported to doc's house in Goodsprings with 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - ALL parts of the body crippled (maybe according to a difficulty setting). If can't, I would like to get ALL parts crippled by default.


Just that. With this, dying is really fatal, but not a dead end. You can still play, but crippled you would have epic debuffs in every single area... for the ones that use the sprint mod, you can't run with cripple legs and it's worse. You would have to save caps so the doctor can heal you, and it would give Medicine skill more value to make doctor bags. But you can continue playing with everything crippled, that's the point: DEAL WITH CONSEQUENCES. And you can't exploit "saving the caps in a box so you don't lose them after dying" cause you have to spend them at doctor anyway... so it's perfect. Losing my items in other mods it's a dead end for me.


Anyone can make this or help me make this? It would be amazing...


Also, to mix, I downloaded a mod that increases doctor's prices. BUT!! I think it costs the same to heal 1 crippled part or 6 crippled parts. The mod could also change this, and maybe add a menu to change the doctor's prices??? Thanks!!!

EDIT: For now I have this. I don't know if this would work in the script (ingame console works). I don't know how to say "after player death, instead of reloading, do this".

player.forceav health 1;
player.forceav PerceptionCondition 0;
player.forceav EnduranceCondition 0;
player.forceav LeftAttackCondition 0;
player.forceav RightAttackCondition 0;
player.forceav LeftMobilityCondition 0;
player.forceav RightMobilityCondition 0;
coc GSDocMitchellHouse;
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