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Trying to make part of the Armor invisible, by deleting texture, makes said part just white ingame


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when I'm trying to make one part of an armour invisible, by deleting in Photoshop said part of the texture, it just turns white ingame. Let's say i want to remove horns on an armour. What I do is open the textures (usually there are 3 textures, I think the actual colour texture, one for light and shadows and one that looks very simplistic and unicoloured<- not sure about that one). Anyway... I remove the lock from the layer and delete everything I don't want with the eraser tool, for all 3 textures, which leaves me with the tiles representing "nothing" in Photoshop. Then i save them like I usually do as dds file, using intels dds work plug-in. When I load ingame the horns are still there, but white (colourless). I thin the game runs on the Unreal Engine.


Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not possible like that?

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In this thread you did not mention which game you were trying to mod. However, in another thread, where you posted in the game forum, I see that it is not a Bethesda game. I have no idea how the mesh is packed in Dragon Quest.

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