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A little annoucement about my GalCiv3 mods

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As you can see, so far I've made 3 different mod for GalCiv3 (which are basically new ship sets for the game).


Since I'm finishing to work on 2 new ship sets, I decided to reorganize everything and to release all my mods in a single massive pack called "GalCiv3 Ship Design Expansion Pack". This way everything will be available in a single place and, everytime I create a new set, I just have to add it to the pack.


The version 1.0 of this pack (which will contain the 2 new sets I'm working on and 2 old sets I already released - Earth Confederation and Denorian packs) will be released around the end of the month. Of course, since this pack will contain all the mods I already released (except for the Drengin Alternative, which wasn't very good, I admit it), my previous uploads will be deleted from Nexus.



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