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subnautica Want Stutter Fixed for good, Do this!


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Without going into so much detail, The game somewhat relies on Virtual memory, and a type of setting while pressing F3 to open advanced settings then F8 to get cursor...
But before we do that lets do a few things first

1. Control Panel\System and Security\System
2. Click on advanced system settings,
3. Under Performance tab click on settings,
4. Click tab Advanced, Under Virtual memory,
5. Click "Automatically manage paging file size"
6. Click ok and it will prompt to restart, Restart and comeback

After restarting your PC comeback to this form "Bookmark before leaving"
1. Start the game and load your save
2. Once ingame press F3 then press F8 to get cursor
3. Uncheck "Use Frame time for physics step"

Do not Select Texture Quality 4 the game engine will bug and and this fix will be pointless
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