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Messy mod relocation using 'Mod Staging Folder' option.

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I do not need help, I just thought my report would help maybe?


I installed steam on program files (x86), moved it using this guide https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129

After making my games start up again, I then tried my best to make Vortex 1) recognize the new path, 2) accept the mods as already installed.

Vortex said that the mods were uninstalled while clearly working in game. Second to that, changing the path of the mods with "mod staging folder" was a fun experience:


It said the folder is in use by another application (which it wasn't, steam is not running, only vortex), it then fixed itself and made double the folder. Instead of the new path being something/skyrim it was something/skyrim/skyrim.


Using "move deployment" instead of "hardlink" worked great, but the useless folder paths (/{GAME} was equal to skyrim/SKYRIM/TESV) were still there. Cutting and pasting them out myself worked, but mods were considered "uninstalled" again.

My Fallout New Vegas mod path also got inside the Skyrim mod path which made me feel dirty, but was quickly fixed with the manual action written above.


After trying some random handling of path changing while writing this message, I got duplicate mods in vortex but not in the folder. Half "uninstalled" half disabled. I enabled the disabled and removed the uninstalled. Games were unaffected by that path storm.


And that concludes my supposed relaxing evening. I wish I could show you some logs but there were none.


Overall as a non modder, consumer normal guy who can't code for shite I must say Vortex looks very promising. Quite a piece of software you made there. It will be the first free software I will willingly pay for.

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