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Modders deserve a pat on the back, again


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I want remind all the modders how much appreciated they are in my opinion. Since the day I first started lurking around the internet when I saw the forums, MANY MANY FORUMS. During game play I cried, then shouted at my monitor because of game breaking down, flaws, story lines breaking before "The End". I was driven crazier by story line break down.


I shouted at the little picture on the 21in monitor to no avail. Until; one day I decided to read about modding. I decided I was going back to the way I remembered me at my best. When the other children in the new neighborhood did not show me any friendship, declined to let me play, or try out the toy they got; I went home and made one better then they had.


Modders were just like me. Only they again had their own neighborhood and I did not grow up there.


I learned how to mod. I learned how and stopped whining when something did not work the way it was expected to. I found out how to make it work.


I got lazy after I learned all that I could learn about modding and knew I could when I saw that every time I started and nearly had a good portion done, someone at one of the MANY mod sites had the finished product already. I switched from trying to improve my own game by modding it myself to downloading their mods.


I still had not joined a forum of modders YET! And yet I downloaded mods like they were a bag full of candy. Yeah! Call me a download GB hog. I still did modding, but very little, Until, Fallout 4. I figured; What was the point of me modding when every time I thought of something that I could do I found a complete and almost exact copy of what I had in mind.


Thank you Internet for making it possible to find people who have a kindred spirit with mine.


MODDERS. You are the game makers, I think most of you know that the games would have been forgotten in a few weeks, like the last book I read, and no one would have any idea what MORROWIND means or is.


You make the game great. I stopped lurking at forums and mod websites when joined the forum at CanadianIce and Howndogs first. I commented a couple of times. I even wrote a requiem for Grumpy there for Emma's sake. I barely got noticed.


They shut down. I thought for good. I never seemed to connect to the groups who were still in touch. I felt like I was back in the old neighborhood my folks moved us to where to the children did not want me around.


I found several other web forums no longer held my interest. TESSource appeared to be the place to really get into the mod center and all the other modders I had seen from all around the world on my little 15 inch monitor appeared to have mention and/or links to their mods there.


I signed up.


It was a rough road ahead. I survived. I am still looking in. Still putting my 2 sense in when I think of something to help or say.


Stay with us modders. You are what made all these games great.


Thank you!

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