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With The Outer Worlds Announced, How Mod-Friendly is Unreal?


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I have really high hopes for this title by Obsidian. So hopefully we'll get more info on this soon.


The Outer Worlds is literally Firefly + Van Buren in space. Or a retro art deco techie version of Van Buren. Either way, I'm glad Obsidan hasn't abanoned their dedication to true RPG game seeing the corporatist/microtransaction/online/multiplayer/BGS CC mods only direction Bethesda is taking in future with flagship Fallout and TES franchises.


What I'd like to know is: even if Unreal is mod friendly like CC, will Titty Two permit said modding to occur for this new title? The way they've been so wonderfully supporting on mods for likes of GTA V?

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