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3D MAX 2012 installing NIFTools


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Alright, I was told by a group of modders on the Facepunch discord to get myself NifTools install for the purpose of opening up Nif files from Fallout 4 for modding.


Problem is.




There's no install .exe and the instructions are horribly out of date.


When i was linked to a Installer on the skyrim nexus, It's install has been giving me the error "string too long" on any file from Fallout 4 that I'm trying to import.


Tried verifying if it's just my extraction with BAE by opening up those NIFs in Outfit studio and they are functional.


So. What do i do? I'd just like to get this thing working and move on.


Using the installer below.




Because there's no installer in here.




Is there an extra step after using the installer?


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