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Adding New Animations to SSE


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Hey, wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm going to try here first.


I've been really entertaining the idea of making some new animations for the killmoves in Skyrim: Special Edition, butu after looking pretty deeply into this for the past week or so, it looks like what I need in order to do this just doesn't exist anymore. For one, it doesn't look like anything has been made specifically for SSE, which was okay because it looked like I was just going to have to base everything of of LE and then convert it to SE, which seems simple enough. However, the tools needed to animate in LE also look to be outdated, with the last version of Havok Content Tools being released or compatibility with 3ds Max 2015 and the oldest version on Autodesk's website of that program is the 2016 version. I see that there are other killmove mods out there, but I really wanted to take a stab at making one myself.


So I'm wondering if:


1) Is it even possible to add new animations to either LE or SSE?


2) What are the tools needed if available?


3) Would it be possible for me to do this in Maya at all or am I restricted to 3ds Max?


Thanks guys

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