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ARK Survival Evolved performance with my specs


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Hello everyone! How your holidays are going?


I was planning to buy (finally) Ark survival evolved for my pc. But before I buy it, I need some advice from someone who is used to this game and its optimization.


I will put my specs below. I'm asking because I have also a ps4, so I want to know if with my specs it worth to buy it for pc, or if it's better I buy it for ps4 for now (I really wish I could play it with my pc of course)


windows 10

Intel Core i7-6700

gtx 950 2 gb <--- (my concern)

RAM 16 gb


(if you need more info, please let me know)


I want to play it with my pc, and specifically I really, really wish I could play it with mouse and keyboard, but if I have to set everything at low, I will buy it for ps4 until I can upgrade my pc.


Thank you in advance, have a good day!

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I'm playing Ark SE on:


16 GB

GTX 980 4GB

Windows 10 64 installed on hfs256g32mnd-2200a drive

game installed on st2000dx001 drive

I'm playing single-player, no server. No problems at all. Graphic settings at high/epic. Never had to mess with any settings to get Ark to run good and fast. Hope this helps some.

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