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Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy "custom skins" in FPS wargames?


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Hello everyone,,

This is probably one of the top reasons I simply haven't been able to get into any FPS war-style games in the past few years. Even Star Wars Battlefront was guilty of this.
It's a personal opinion, but I've always thought that in a WW2 game (or similar), everyone looking like a customized 1337 commando more or less kills the immersion right off the bat.
I stopped playing Battlefront once every single Imperial player was some black, orange, blue, grey, commando style scout elite trooper skin.
The entire appeal of the Star Wars Imperials was waves of white-armoured, all-identical stormtroopers. That's like, the theme.. Rather than every single one being some different armor type and different colour.
Same goes for more historical games. Uniforms existed. Pretty much everyone wore the same thing. Kind of the point. The theme, if you will.
There's some notable exceptions (the soldiers in Vietnam were pretty loosy goosy about proper uniform protocol, for example) but on the whole it completely ruins military games for me when everyone looks like they've come from some different flamboyantly dressed commando squad of some different army, and all just happen to show up on the battlefield at the same time.
Is it just me?
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