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We need to let Bethesda die


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About Fallout 76 I believe the CEO of Bethesda's parent zenimax's Robert Altman saw EA and Activision raking in billions , they has the recent non-Bethesda games undersell their predecessors so the thought was they could make their own games as services game and pushed Bethesda to do fallout 76.

That is the basics of it I think.

Bethesda was not allowed the time to make a new Fallout multiplayer game from scratch so they did a lot of cut and paste added a small amount of new content to make 76 and that was it.

Of course the game failed.

I do think modders make a huge contribution to Bethesda I don't agree with the modders are overrated some people have said here.

Modders are the reason Bethesda was able to make all the multiple versions of skyrim and sell them successfully imo.


no we don't want Bethesda to go away.We want Robert Altman gone and someone put in charge who understands Bethesda isn't EA or Activision and can't be pushed into becoming one.


I saw this already somewhere on internet, it would be logical explanation, but I wish I wouldn't see Fallout 76 documentary and E3 presentation... I guess we will see it in the future - if Altman is pushing then into something and they will just do it without letting anyone know they disagree with it ? Howard had such influence, he was one of the few game directors who didn't have to do what they say (and even above of that), he was Bethesda for many people, so if he would decide to leave and fight with Altman - could he win?

so that is why I was thinking maybe he was doing it in the name of progress - I would guess that man does like technological progress, so after VR one of the future technology looks like online streaming with Microsoft, but I don't know if it does require anything special from the game. So still it could be just failed experiment.


I was thinking about it even more and after playing Fallout 4 recently - if I would be preparing the game with so many settlements and settlers management, I can see how that feature could work online. Or maybe I saw somewhere that they wanted the players to fight for the influence - or maybe that was just someones wish. But their testing didn't go well - even single player game wasn't stable, so online version ended up with no NPCs and just pvp.


On the other hand they had those MMO like features in single player game, so why they would do it online - If I would have plans for MMO, it would stay for MMO, and RPG singleplayer would be really different.

so if they would just let it go, create their style of RPG singleplayer game and then add online version with building settlements and maybe some domination over it - like GTA V is - maybe nobody would have a problem, but I guess it always come back to it that maybe engine failed or maybe as you wrote - they didn't have the time, they could find out that engine cannot manage those features online, so they were pushed to add those MMO features into singleplayer game and release the online version very simple ASAP, but it could be also a good apology for everything.

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Mod Merging

TESVGecko tool is in development; its official discussion forum is at the Dark Creations website.

Current options:

TESVEdit: Use Merge Plugins Script for TesVEdit: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37981/? Works 99% of the time, the rest is usually a badly optimized mod with errors and wild edits.

Manually Merge in the CK

Open up two or more mods in the CK at the same time, with the file you want to merge the data to being the active file. Select an item you want to copy and give it a new name. When asked if you want to create a new object, say yes. Be sure to copy every little detail that you want to merge. Let's say you want to merge your NPC into another mod. You may not be able to just copy the actor object into the other mod and get away with it. Your actor might arrive naked, confused, broken, and helpless. If your actor has custom armor, custom AI packages, custom dialog in a custom quest, carries a custom sword, and belongs to a custom faction, you better copy all of those objects into your mod too.

This merging approach is rather time-consuming.

Use the Creation Kit's Version Control

For merging an .esp file into a pre-existing .esm file, the Creation Kit's Version control system may be of use (with Wrye Bash perhaps assisting in turning an .esp into an .esm). See also the tutorial on setting up Version Control at the SureAI website.

Round-Robin Work/Taking Turns

If you are working on a modding project with multiple modders and your mod is very complex and does not merge easily using the existing methods, you may consider taking turns working on the file. One modder at a time would work on it while the others would refrain from working on it since anything they built would be very hard to merge in. Alternately, you may figure out what types of work you are doing that are easy to merge. One modder at a time would work on the main file with all of its difficult-to-merge content, and the other modders would build pieces of the mod that you had proven were easy to merge to the main file.

^ I've often wondered about those who make the game's mods for Bethesda.

With the information I found I think I understand why the games most people complain about are in serious need of reworking. Merging their work is the problem...

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Bethesda makes games that people love to play. If something ever did happen that caused Bethesda to go under, it would be a great loss for almost everyone here.





I agree with this. Despite the dumpster fire that was FO76, I'm slightly interested to see what Beth can accomplish with Starfield. I'm not saying I'll do all that pre-ordering nonsense, but I'll keep an eye out to see if it's a good game.

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So many people spend their private time and energy, for complains about computer games in general. I must say this is impressive. I really think so, thumbs up. I see this from a different point of view. It shows strongly we care, we won´t accept any kind of "fraud". Hmm but right or wrong, is not the point right now. I just wished we would channel our energy, much more on different bigger problems. Like global warming, chemicals in food, wild animals die each day thanks to "our" progress, the simple fact planet earth is on edge in many ways. How the real future will look like? We live in Vaults lol? If a computer game developer is out of the race, then what? Who will replace them?? Is a change really better? I can only speak for myself. Perfect games don´t exist and never will be. There is mostly something "wrong". Too much different opinions, too much different expectations. I enjoy the bugs, in Fallout or Skyrim. they crack me up. Even if i see them in Fallout 76. Let´s face it also Fallout 76, is not perfect and never ever will be. Any new project has issues. If no one fix them properly after many month, it ain´t fun true. If i´m not satisfied i keep my money in the future and move on. But won´t complain too much afterwards. I don´t need a ulcer. Sure many will disagree with my opinion. Which is fine with me. I just enjoy some of the games, Bethesda developed so far.

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As a player I know what I like and I know what I don't like in a video game, and after reading up on Fallout76 before release I knew I wouldn't be interested in it, so I never touched it. It could have been a masterpiece and it wouldn't have made me feel any differently about Bethesda, so if it's as bad as people say, then that also means nothing to me. In my mind Fallout 76 was not a continuation of the Fallout series, instead it was just a quick filler using existing assets to generate a little more revenue while dipping a toe into online gaming and trying to appeal to a different segment of the market.


I expect ES6 and FO5 to be single player games and natural continuations of what they've already done, only with more advanced graphics and a few more bells and whistles, and I will form my opinions on them after I've played them. Someone else's disappointment over Fallout76 isn't going to enter into the equation.

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I would hate to see Bethesda go, they have given me countless of hours ingame that be from the very first Arena (still got it, dont play it anymore tho). up through time

till Fallout 4 which is my absolute favorite - .. to be honest I dont believe you can produce a game of that size/magnitude without errors and I dont think the errors has been

gamebreaking to me. lucky me I have a lot of allies who makes mods and patches here on Nexus :)


The F76 wasnt for me, its not about a good or bad game but more of a personal preference towards what I like to play and in the fallout-series I prefer the single player

with a story to unfold in my own pace.

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I do not agree, Besande has a long history and they released cool games. Everyone has ups and downs. And yet I hope that Anthem will be good
The Elder Scrolls,Fallout 3 we all love this games
They make a difference between PC, IXbox or PS4 https://www.bestadvisor.com/video-game-consoles, I really like this approach

Since the release of Fallout 76, 100 days have passed. Bethesda Game Studios decided to share plans for the development of the post-apocalyptic world in the near future.
Developers understand that initiatives are difficult and often disappoint fans who are faced with countless errors that occur during the game. The studios talk about increasing the stability of the game and servers by 300% since the premiere, and players spend an average of 4 hours daily in Fallout 76. Bethesda plans to turn the game into an “endless adventure platform.” In connection with the foregoing, in the coming months, as well as in the summer and autumn, a number of new events, modes, opportunities and plot development will appear in the game.
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Bethesda probably doesn't like the Fallout series. Just compare how extensive Oblivion is and what was Fallout 3. Do you remember how many quests Oblivion had, and how much F3? In F3 without DLC, there are as many quests as for DLC in ... Oblivion;) It's a shame to write about plots.
So next, Skyrim and Fallout 4. Skyrim is older, right, but he gives more quests than F4. In addition, F4 is more schematic for me. Although the creators drew from New Vegas and mod patterns (plagiarism of Autumn Leaves in Far Harbor), I felt that the game is more poor.
Just Bethesda has no idea for the Fallout series. He can make a big game world (but more poor than the Elder Scrolls series), but he has a problem with quests. I wonder how the new Obsidian game will come out, I'm counting on the knockout: D
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I personally haven't bought a Bethesda Product since Fallout 4. Didn't grip me the way the older titles did. Maybe that's just me getting older. I don't play much of anything anymore and when I do its usually FNV, Oblivion or Silent Hunter 3.

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I'm choked to know that they had banned people just for complaining about something like that, cause it's a constructive critic in my opinion, and it could help them make their game a bit better

Then you'll be pleased to know nobody got banned for merely criticizing them on the game. They banned people for cheating. Never take anything you see on Reddit at face value. The people there have agendas and never tell you the full story.

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