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Games That Can Last Hours


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I guess it's really not of the same genre but in terms of hours spent happily playing and replaying a game my big shout out is RIMWORLD.

Modded or unmodded it's an absolute gem to play.


I've got 700+ hours logged on Steam


Civ Vi, Ark Survival Evolved and Path of Exile are all at around 1500+ logged hours each.....and I have a full time job... ;)

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Well most games that can last long are RPG's and games with mods especially skyrim and fallout if you're not bored with it. Me I spent my free time playing games after work because it makes me feel happy. Like Final Fantasy XIV I have 3140+ hrs on it.

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Just a tip: You literally can role play every RPG and Survival games with open world so that it'll last longer <3

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I assume you mean not just one playthrough but anyways I'm sorry if these were mentioned already but XXOM 2:WOTC, I've gotten 1000 hours in. Divinity Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition, 300 so far. Still haven't finished the game yet. That game is so much more.


Mods are a great way to have different playthroughs feel completely, well different.

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