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Vortex Support added: X4: Foundations, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Starsector, 7 Days to Die


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Tkohr wrote: Vortex is the greates ModManager of all time, im currently modding 4 games and never had any problems, thank you so much to provide us this mighty tool.
jsonger47 wrote: No MO2 is better Vortex puts files in game folders MO2 does not
jsonger47 wrote: sorry double post
Tkohr wrote: Makes no difference, Vortex works absolutly clean, you can install and uninstal without any problems or mess up your game, Profils working 100% and all the finetuning tools for overwriting, load orders and thousend things more makes Vortex easy to use, and a really great tool for ProModders.

then you have never used MO2 I never find left overs like I did with Vortex and I uninstall per videos
I had to go in Skyrim and manual delete files and folders.
plus vortex put folders in other parts of HD which I had to hunt down and delete now I have a clean drive again.
with MO2 would never have to do any of that.
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so i installed vortex got it sorted to mod for skyrim se and fallout 4 but when i launch skyrim se on the manger it said failed to load master-/user list for skyrim se no idea what that means or what to do would like any help if that plan on playing skyrim again. thanks
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I love Vortex... big improvement on the old mod manager.

I have one suggestion;

When I update a mod, I get a message saying there is a conflict with the previous version,

It would be useful if the (a) download date was stated when I hit "More info"

or (B) the version numbers were reinstated and clearly visible so I know which version to delete without guessing.

As it stands, it is a little confusing to me.

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FNIS core does not need to be automatically defaulted to after the XXL data.


Stop updating the Vortex so that FNIS Core has to be after FNIS_XXL. or FNIS ++++.


Anything that is not /fullstop/FNIS/fullstop/ does not need to be before FNIS. NOTHING.


Everytime I update Vortex it keeps doing this Rules says FNIS is before FNIS XXL and FNIS XXL is before FNIs. I delete the back track and it comes back the very next time i start the program.


Also, tell those idiots at Loot that at the end and After EVERYTHING ELSE are valid list position options. We shouldn't have to set a Mod category at the very end for the mods that MUST LOAD LAST, such as Amazing Follower Tweaks and Alternate Start - Live Another Life. If Any file loads after these two that doesn't patch a previous file, it screws the whole order.



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