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GalCiv 3 Ship Design Expansion Pack (update 2.0 available)

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As Stardock has announced Galactic Civilization 4 (and development is well under way), is with a mix of happyness and sadness that I announce the release of Update 10.0.


This will be the final version of my mod (meaning that, from now on, there won't be new content released, maybe only bug fixes according to your notification).


The highlights of this version are:



- an overhaul of the Karivor Matrix set, with modifications on old models (now more in line with the original idea I had) and new designs;


- a collection of various decorative custom parts (turrets, command bridges, etc.) you can use to decorate your own ships. This collection contains mostly parts I've used in my set, but there are also some unreleased parts I was keeping in storage for future projects.



It was fun to create this mod and I really hope you had fun playing with it. See you in GalCiv4!

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