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Same-sex Romance For Tristian & Valerie


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Almost all of these types of games, with gender specific romance options, tend to at least eventually have mods that add same-sex romance options to characters with gender limited romance. Yet Pathfinder: Kingmaker does not have such a mod. Even though it's been over 4 months since the games release.


Shortly after the games release I did some crude save editing, trying to find a way to add new feats to my character, but also just experimenting with different things to change. Temporarily changing gender messed up the appearance of my character, but allowed me to have the first romance dialogue with Valerie. With her seeing my originally female character, now a deformed male character, as female. I didn't play the game any further than that, so I don't know how romance "tags" work. But, I'm guessing there are two possibilities.


1. The game always checks your gender when in a dialogue. This means that to have a gay relationship with Valerie, either the player would have to be changed to male in every other way except appearance (there's no player who would play as the deformed male/female character I created by messing with the save game.) Or Valerie's romance tags should be changed from: if male than romance, to, if female than romance.


2. The game may only check the gender when starting the "relationship" with Valerie. Meaning that gay romance would be possible even with my crude save editing method. In this case the game would, after the first dialogue option, just check a value like "Has started romance with Valerie."


I'd say the first one is the more likely one, and if so, well beyond my abilities to mod.


So does anyone know of a way to have same-sex romance with Valerie, or Tristian?

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