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Welcome to the Metro Exodus forums on Nexus Mods.


We keep all discussion for new games to a single forum to make early discussion on the game easy to browse through and find. If the game becomes particularly popular on these forums then we will manually add more forum categories to help split up the various discussion topics a little bit more.


But for now, please chat about anything and everything related to Metro Exodus in these general discussion forums.


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I hope those of you reading this choose to participate so mod devs know there might be enough people who care about this game to try and help.


This is my own personal game and sandbox, how I or we mod and customize our personal property, is what made franchises like Fallout and Mass Effect so popular until they fell to Political Correctness, and then MMOG, undermining our right to mod and enjoy our long anticipated top dollar game, because our choices could affect the game experience of other players, who we were lied to about, not effecting our traditional single player experience.


I would like a mod to be able to acquire a tikhar rail gun like Col. Miller's early in the game, For instance on the Volga.


I would like to free a baby demon held by bandits, and have it occasionally land nearby and walk up to me, land on bandits and predators I have shot to feed. Sometimes land on and ride on my shoulder when other demons are around, so they land and look me over while I do the same for them. Maybe have it follow me from above perching with the other young demons but shadowing me to eat bandits and other predators I have shot. walk up to me and check me out, have other young demons do like wise and not attack. I does not need to be a companion, but the possibility there is more you can do with the mutant wild life than kill it. If enough people download it such might be included in DLC.


in Nexus Most Endorsed Videos check "Metro Exodus Optimization How to remove freizes" (for some reason much I get it in Russian) but it is maybe 5 minutes long, check the interaction with the demon that stole Nastya's teddy bear, it is three shorts worth seeing.


i have seen video footage of the demon that took the teddy bear not acting hostile to Artyom. I would like to see "Buzzard" grow and mature as the months go by, be accepted by the crew. Have a small flock of demons flying high overhead, perched on branches, or ruins, waiting for me to kill something I won't eat.


I hope there are modders capable of such mods, watching this game as people like us are driven from other franchises by sell out studios who want to monetize skins, and 'pay to win' for MMOG fans. It may be a long time before we get another game like Metro Exodus old school single player FPS players like me can look forward to. If two Colonels is an example of the DLC to come, not cartoonish mentally impaired, thick lipped hillbillies with the ear flaps of their hats sticking out, like the cannibals of the Ark, 2 Colonels was written for adults, by adults who respect that.


Mods will help keep the game fresh, and also give 4A a better idea what players would like to see in a new game. How many fall-out and Mass Effect mods were about making the characters more attractive? More powerful weapons and gear, that made the survival of you and your companions more plausible?


For the foreseeable future I will wait a few months and check the YouTube reviews before I before I invest anticipation or money in buying a new release, no matter how long and loyal a supporter and fan of the franchise I have been in the past.


If we don't fight for our right to customize our paid for personal property, encourage mod developers to develop mods like those that kept Fallout and Mass Effect exciting between new releases, what happens to our community of mod devs interested in the type of games we love?


If there a really active forum of Metro Exodus fans?

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