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Half-dragon race


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Hey guys. I was wondering if someone might be willing to do something for me; Given my complete lack of knowledge on how to mod something into Neverwinter Nights 2, I was wondering if someone might be willing to create a race mod for me.


Specifically, the race is a half-red dragon/human, with all that entails. If it's unclear, it'd effectively be the same as a human that had taken ten levels in Red Dragon Disciple without the class levels that entails:


- +8 strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, and +2 Charisma

- Quick To Master: A human bonus feat

- Skilled: 4 extra skill points at level 1, and an additional one at every level thereafter

- Immunity to paralysis, sleep, and fire

- +4 Natural armor

- Breath weapon that's a 30 foot cone of fire that deals 6d8 damage, with a reflex save for half (Constitution based DC)

- +3 Level Adjustment


I was thinking the base race design could be made using a yuan-ti pureblood as a base appearance, and then just using colors that are more appropriate to the half-red dragon as a skin tone. Would anybody be willing to take this idea on? Note, I understand that engine limits prevent one from having templates like Half-Dragon in the game. That's why I presented this as a single solid race.


If anybody decides to help, I'll be grateful. Thanks much for your consideration.

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