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From Modder to Professional Level Designer - Interview and AMA


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Greetings, Mr.Taylor,

First of all, thank you for an interesting mod for "TES-V: Skyrim", at that time I enjoyed the quest-driven dungeons of mods. And thank you for accepting this interview (I thank BigBizkit as well), as a humble modder of myself, I appreciate this kind of interview for knowing how a real Level Designer feels.


Can I or we ask some questions about the Level designing for "TES-V: Skyrim" via Nexus message from time to time?

I sometimes wonder if my sense or concept for the design is good or optimized....


My current work; some are at 40% of completion, though....


Thank you for your time //


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MrMedicinal wrote: What's the highlight of your career? (so far)

Is there any job, or specific segment of a project you're really proud of?

Assuming you have the free time, what games have you been playing recently?

Any upcoming video games you're looking forward to?

What's your all time favorite video game?

Thanks for even accepting community questions! Sorry for... Uh... Taking advantage. Wish you all the best!
dt1000 wrote: No worries - I am always happy to answer questions.

Career Highlight - my submarine-exploding Medal of Honor level getting a shout out on Venture Brothers.

And also being the top hit for "Level Design" on youtube! That was pretty surreal.

Something I am really proud of - the Neural Subnet sequence in Deus Ex Mankind Divided - System Rift... watching streamers play it, and seeing the look on their faces when they work out the final twist at the end is totally priceless! Also setting up the subversive direction for the crypts in Shadow of The Tomb Raider - I was lucky enough to have a team who really knocked it out of the park there.

What have I been playing - Subnautica. It's amazing!!! The perfect mix of relaxing wonder and nail-biting terror!

What am I looking forward to - Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. And System Shock 3!

What is my all-time favourite game - Rez. Followed closely by Bomb Jack, and then Super Cars II.

SlyWolfe wrote: Lol that Venture bros tidbit is rather remarkable ;D As is the rest of the post:thumbsup:

go team venture!
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