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First private server Archeage 3.5 | Erenor Eternal


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Do not believe your eyes?

Yes, this is really the first private game server of ArcheAge 3.5 | Erenor Eternal!

Moreover, we have the EUROPEAN version of the game, and accordingly there are more freebies and there are no stupid marketing ones and only Administration administration fixes!

Useful links:

Our site - archerage.to

The server version of the game is 3.5 (but we promise not to stop there).

================================================= ======


Global Update 3.5 released | Erenor Eternal

This is not just a regular update that everyone has seen.

Our administration did a great job and did a lot of things that you would not find anywhere.

More information can be found on the forum of our project.

Also, each new player will be given a gift for a very easy start and enjoyable game.

================================================= ======

So, a little about the features of our project:

Dear users, we have installed the European version of the game, which means it differs from Ru.off in some aspects. We also made a number of changes for a more comfortable game.

You do not like long and tedious to raise the level and dress?

Especially for you, we raised our experience rates 5 times!

Would you like to grow your vegetable garden? Or maybe even a forest? ..

Especially for you, we accelerated the growth time of all items in the game (from trees to cattle) by 2 times!

Are you an engineer by nature, or, let's say, a cook? Like to create something?

For you, we have increased the speed of the craft in 2 times!

You have golden hands, but do you constantly lack work points?

For you, we have increased the rate of accumulation of points of work 2 times!

I would like a premium, like everyone else, but no money?

No problem! We give out absolutely everyone a free, perpetual premium account immediately when creating a character!

You are a brave warrior, but you do not appreciate?

We will appreciate!

Increased Honor points for killing monsters!

Increased Honor Points from War or Siege!

Increased Honor Points in the Gladiator Arena!

Increased Honor points in arenas!

Increased Honor points in arenas when winning!

Increased Honor points in arenas for defeat or draw!

Are you an active person by nature? Love events and contests?

Come to us! We will please you with regular events from event managers, both in the game and on the forum!

And of course, are you tired of the constant lags? ..

Lags are not about us! We have installed the most powerful server hardware for a comfortable game!

This is not all the charms of our project! If you want to learn more - are we waiting for you in the game !?

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