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Who else pre-Ordered VtM: Bloodlines 2?


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I would welcome Epic games instead of steam if I wouldn't be told to google: "Epic games leaks"... To have a shop, which is robbed once per a few months is not just missing features, it is missing the basic - customer protection. And when some leak happens, steam apologies like almost personally to everyone asking people to change passwords, even Reddit does that, but Epic is quiet about it and that is worse than anything.


Exclusives for a year feel like too much, but if they would use their money to convert more of console games to PCs instead, they would be kings for PC users and more likely get them to use Epic launcher.


They cannot win players from Steam who use steam even for MMOs which are better to play without it, so how can you convince someone who is so determined to use steam even if it makes the game experience worse, to not to use it for ordinary games?

I wish they would focus on players who are not happy with Steam and they are looking for alternatives instead - there is a lot of them and this way they can loose both groups.


But I'm sad about it is not 3rd person - so many players complained about it before and here we go again... It is like teasing people - hey you know they game you used to like? they will create a new one! only not for you... It is the same like making it on consoles only...

So well, thanks for nothing I guess...

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I was in support of Epic at first, because I thought they were going to be COMPETITION.

What I didn't expect, was for them to bring the Console Exclusive crap to PC by convincing game publishers to sell their new releases ONLY on their stor for 1 year to 6 months.

That, is not competition.

Now, I cannot in good conscience support Epic because of them doing that stuff.

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