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Timescale modding

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So in case there are people who want to change timescale in The Witcher 2 as well, I've found out how to:


You need to unpack base_scripts (I used Gibbed RED Tools. Just drag the dzip file onto Gibbed.Red.Unpack.exe).


Once you've done that - you have to navigate to the extracted folder, which will be in CookedPC>engine and find the file game.ws.


Open it with your text editor (I use notepad++) and find the lines:

SetHoursPerMinute( 0.25f ); - 0.25 means it takes 4 minutes irl for an hour to pass ingame. So for example if you want so that it'd be 10 minutes per hour - you set it to 0.1f.


Once you've changed what you needed - pack the extracted folder back into a dzip file. To do that you have to drag the folder into Gibbbed.Red.Pack.exe.


Tada! Now your days and nights in The Witcher 2 will be longer.

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