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Friends Needed !


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Hiii, my names eliasian and im looking for some friends. i never really interacted much in the nexus community (mostly been focused on my load order but now ive kinda settled for a bit) and that kinda sucks, so now i get bored often and would like some interaction with real people lol. it really doesn't matter what, whether it be exchanging ss, or just talking in general, having a friend would be really nice (im relatively new to pc but not modding in general) . im pretty social and this whole sticking to single player games thing is fun but i need some real human interaction in the mix. do respond any and all is welcome! ((im very active but i do go to HS))

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You DO understand, that no one here is real? We are all just figments of your computers imagination. :D


Hey?! HeyYou, maybe that explains the ways and why fors you post in Debates and such. :wink: Because you think Nothing is REAL between your computer, the Internet, and you! :laugh:


Eliasian don't pay any attention to HeyYOu. He's just an old fuddy duddy grandparent that likely is playing with his grandchildren in ESO: Tamreil under a disguised name so they don't know it is him. Then he comes back here, while he's still in the playful mood, and plays mind games with everyone here. He's just pretending to be a real smarty pants.



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This OP reminds me for some reason Bethesda Trailer about singleplayers who were presented there as antisocials who envy others that they can be friendly in multiplayer games, while they just feeel alone, because in RL they have no friends.

For some reason it was interpreted by youtubers as Bethesda being on the side of singleplayers, while for me it felt like that military dressed woman has an assault rifle hidden under her table and her shooting and screaming "let me kill you you filthy singleplayers!" was cut off at the last minute before releasing... And then Fallout 76 presentation came...

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