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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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Dungeon Keeper 1 - I played that for hours and hours, but it was more fun after editing gold nodes to drop much more gold (the first time I modded game files), sealing off my dungeon, and then training all creatures to maximum level and swamp the enemy with them. Or just possess one and go on the epic quest to murder all heroes with an imp (which doesn't work that good :v )

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First of all, Championship Manager 2 97-98. Played that game so much my dad felt the need to hide the computer power cord just to get me out of the house every now and then :laugh:


But I think my fondest memory of old school gaming was me and 3-5 buddies playing the original Halo on the original Xbox. We would set aside a Saturday evening (and Sunday morning) every now and then to play against each other. Multiplayer was a bit different back then; we would set up 2 or 3 TV's (depending on how many we were) and consoles in someone's living room, link them all together and play from 8-9 PM until early morning. Great game and great memories of long nights with junk food and a lot of laughter!

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Being a long time game player....

Too many favorites to list but here are some stand outs.


newer games:


Heroes of Might and Magic III Armageddons Blade, and Heroes V Tribes of the East (enjoyed the variety of maps, even making my own, and one of the first of the modern game series I got into - so long standing old favorites.


Age of Empires I, II, and III - always a classic for strategy (though II was the best. Loved the medieval warfare.)


Anything Elder Scrolls (TES 3, TES 4, TES 5 favorites here) - love the open world and open play. Also almost infinitely moddable for more variation. (best RPGs ever - at least of those I played)


Good old classics (old stuff)


original Tempest (number one favorite). Later discovered Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar still as good as some more evolved games today.


Star Wars - original Parker Brothers arcade version and as far as I know the first ever Star Wars game produced.



No way I could chose just one.

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Two games I enjoyed enormously and of which I have very fond memories are Divine Divinity and Giants: Citizen Kabuto. The former for its story and excellent graphics and animation, despite being a 2D game. The latter for a couple hundred of hours of gameplay and tons of silly humour, both in the storyline as in the conversations, done in the most juicy Cockney English this side of the Thames.


A third game that left a serious imprint, especially on my frail nerves, was the first Mafia game because of a scene that was released as a playable trial teaser on a CD that came with PC Gamer magazine and consisted of an escape from a parking garage building besieged by the FBI after a delivery of illegal booze had gone awry. I had to do the scene over and over an incredible 109 times (I counted and will never ever forget) before I made it out with the two accomplices alive and well... Loved the game, though.


Played tons of games on my Amiga 500, but can't recall any of the names.

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The Monster Hunter games on the PSP.


Grinding, playing with friends, sucking, being actually good, occasionally sucking again, all that stuff. I do enjoy gaming on my PC a lot, but I probably value my good old PSP more.

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I have fond memories of quite a few games. You see, me and my brothers used to share the only PC in the house so we'd always play the same games and talk about those games. We were also quite competitive and we had fun showing off our stuff. So in no particular order those games would be: The Horde, Stonekeep, Blood and Magic, Myst, Zork: Nemesis, Wing Commander, Baldur's Gate, Torment: Planescape, Icewind Dale.


Neverwinter Nights because it had really cool and small communities online, in which you could really get to know the people on your server, and of course you could mod your own games and host them quite easily. It was completely free of charge to play that game online, which is how it's supposed to be. (In my very modest but vocal opinion!) I've had a really good time with some people on that game and feel like I really got to know a few of them.


Sacred 2 because for some reason it just stands out. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I've never had this with any other game. It just ages well. It just looks pretty. I love the humor. It's relaxing. I love the colours. It's weird. It's funny. It's unique. It's huge. It's dumb. It's clever. There's a ton of stuff hidden in that game. There are a lot of surprises. Lots to discover. And the subtlety. For example, you can run into the stone with Excalibur in it in a forest clearing, or encounter an Alien from the Alien movies. And Blind Guardian! How could I ever forget? Seriously, in which other game can you beat your enemies to a pulp with a guitar or stab them with a drum stick? (Loving it!) It also offers me shitload of options to tinker with my characters, which is exactly what I like. It just never gets boring!


It's probably a generation thing, but I kinda like games that look and feel like games. You know, a bit of humour, a wink and lots of adventures! I can appreciate games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Wither: The Wild Hunt, but I can't shake the fact that these games are a bit too ''serious'' overall? For me personally, I really appreciate it if a game looks pretty, but it doesn't necessarily have to look too realistic. I'd rather have a bit of humour. Let my imagination do the rest.


Woah. See what I did there? You don't have to actually read this post.








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Daley Thompson's Decathlon on the ZX Spectrum.


Remember it so well as it was a keyboard wrecker (killed 3).


Elite on the BBC Micro and Elite II:Frontiers on the Atari ST. Not much to look at in comparison with today's games but they were epic and still are (still holding out hope for military grade items for Elite Dangerous)


DX 2 it has to be Sensible World of Soccer. A joystick killer for those insane banana shots.


PC's after that have just way too many fantastic games to even begin to list.


And yes, I am old it seems lol! :laugh: :laugh:

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Hard to pick. Super Mario World was the first console game I ever played, Command and Conquer the first PC game I ever played (and first over all), and Mario Kart 64 the first I ever owned. Those three have a special place for me.


My top 3 would probably be FFVII, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's mask. FFVII to a large degree and I tend to replay it at least once a year (not always to the end). So I'd say FFVII is my all time favorite and I could list the reasons but I don't want to write an essay. Ocarina, I'll admit, had some flaws. What endeared me to that game was the music and Majora's mask was just Ocarina but with some improvements (plus now I could be a Goron).


I'd also say the original Deus Ex stuck with me in a huge way. That was when I first started to learn about modding games (I wish I'd taken more time to learn it and stuck with it. Things would be a lot easier for me now if I had.)


I also fondly remember Quest for Glory V but that one doesn't live up to the nostalgia.


Finally, I have a special place for starcraft. Mostly because it was given to me by a teacher who asked "Do you like games with blood?" Sketchy as hell but much appreciated. I returned the favor by getting him a copy of the Brood War expansion when it was released.


Special mention to the game Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd, which I own but have never been able to play because it's Japanese only (and I've never had a working PS2, let alone one modified to play foreign games).

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