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Cannibalism Re-Animation


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I've looked around Cannibalism mods but none of them really show you how brutal it actually is. The closest I can think of is Aces High. I'm thinking we completely redesign the cannibalism system, with new animations. If you kill someone, you can click their body and have some choices, 1. Harvest Meat, which plays an animation of your character pulling out a knife from his inventory, gutting the victim, and harvesting the organs. 2. (Savage) Eat Raw, plays an animation where your character straight up starts eating them from the neck, heals a little health. 3. (Clean) Eat Raw, your character guts them and pulls out the meat and eats it on the spot. If your character sees a live NPC, they can press a hotkey which plays an animation where you tackle them and start eating them alive, gives a little more health from eating then the (Savage) Eat Raw option on dead corpses (solid project has something similar to this with their takedowns) Have these animations be able to be used by other npcs. Tribals will tackle you and kill you instantly if your health is too low, and you can see tribals eat from dead corpses. White Glove Society can be seen harvesting organs and cleanly eating people raw. I know this is brutal but its the wasteland, realistically this would happen in a scenario like this.

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