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Howdy All


On and off member of the Nexus back again, with an agenda.


I've recently taken the dive into acting and need to build my portfolio, I love gaming, and I love acting, and just wanted to say if anyone is after a voice actor drop me a message and I can even send you a voice reel or 2 if you wana hear me first.


My natural accent is South African (2nd most sexy accent in the world xD ) but have a fairly wide range and would love to get involved in some mods!


At the risk of shooting myself a bit I don't expect any sort of payment etc, I just want stuff for my portfolio and you get some nice quality acting.


Anyway hope this is the right place to drop this thread, if not, deepest apologies point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way.


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You may have more luck actively searching for roles yourself. I know there are a few active casting calls for Skyrim mods on castingcall.club at the moment. Memoirs of the Abyss is the only one I know off the top of my head, put in a few auditions there myself. There's also voiceacting.boards.net which gets Elder Scrolls projects every once in a while.

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