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Lionel Traintown - Modding?


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Anyone remember this? Played it even? It was strong in my childhood, and I even find it entertaining now. Plus, I love the more realistic art style of the trains (as opposed to other games like it with more recent release dates), as well as the general game play of it.


That said, there's a heavily dated aspect of it that is also the main reason I'm bringing it up here and now: it's limited to 800x600. Now obviously the game's graphics couldn't be just simply resized to a greater resolution, no I get that. But what I think (and really hope) is that it would be possible to increase the "map window" size given we're not all stuck with that lower resolution now.


And by map, I mean both the main play window "map" and the map tab itself. They were great on the classic CRTs, but now with ultra high resolution LCDs, the increased play area would be fantastic. That said, there's nothing at all on the web for modifying the game...


Which is why I turn here. The modders here, you guys are damn talented. If there's anyone (outside of the original Dynamix/Sierra developers of the game) who could manage to mod this game, it'd be ya'll.


I did some digging, but it doesn't seem like I have the tools to open some of the files. Engrampa and Pluma only got me so far. Maybe someone already has figured out what could be doable from other late 90s Dynamix/Sierra/3-D Ultra games, but again my searches were coming up empty. I can provide files upon request, and am open to tinkering. I'd just love to see this game in a modern resolution.

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Sierra Entertainment currently belongs to Activision-Blizzard no?

How feasible is it that the files for the game development exist somewhere in some form in their possession?

I would contribute a significant amount of money to any who could successfully reach out to them and obtain said files if they exist. It's been like 20 years now, would they be against releasing a game they don't even make CD's for anymore?

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