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Making a mod just for fun, need a little help


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I know how to use the creation kit to do simple edits in world, and modify NPCs & items. Just for fun I tried to modify all the feral ghouls listed in the Fo4.esm so they would be nude "Feral Girls" as it were...lol. I meticulously changed each one's race to human, giving them selected female human, or female ghoul voices, and I got mixed results after.


They all ended up with varying body types with Nora's head.

Not that I mind that for the short term, as I just want to get it working first. But would like to know how to make the heads randomly generated)


They all for some reason weren't immune to radiation, and thus all died in the Glowing Sea.

So I do need to know how to make them immune to radiation after changing the race.


All the ghouls inside buildings (internal cells, not buildings exposed to the environment) for some reason had no heads.

In the creation kit, the bodies were headless until I went into their inventory and selected "None" for their Default and Sleep outfits. *edit* So they should have had heads, but didn't.


I have since deleted the mod and am trying to start again to see if there's something different I can do. Any advice would be welcome.

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I am not familiar with CK. I have done edits in FO4Edit. I think there is a "perk" for radiation immunity, look at entries in "Non-Player Character(Actor)" category. I am not sure about the faces, it has something to do with the same category and also "Leveled NPC". Don't know how they are connected. I once tried a mod that added more variety to NPC faces(Lots more Settlers And Enemies). Maybe look inside the esp of this or similar mod to try and figure out how to approach this.

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