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I'm working on a thing to freeze enemies when they get hit with a certain spell. I've solved most of the compiling errors and I'm left with this one that I don't know what to do with.


(6,26): extraneous input ',' expecting ID


And here's my code. The referenced line is highlighted in yellow.


scriptname JGSW_PetrifyScript extends ActiveMagicEffect
Actor Property target Auto
Actor Property caster Auto
Event OnEffectStart(target, caster)
OnEffectFinish(target, caster)
The forums say this issue is caused by the script failing to pick up an ID, but I need to use GetTargetActor() to do that (as far as I'm aware), and that line just causes more errors.
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You need to keep the parameter types in place, but I think you can change the parameter names(the ones I don't have in bold).


example: Event .... (Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)


Actor is what needs to be included so the compiler/game knows what types target and caster are.

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