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Mod Request - Destructible Power Armor Frames


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You can get hit with every weapon and nuke in the game and as long as you have enough stimpaks your frame won't have a scratch...


Can someone make a mod that assigns the frame an HP value so we don't have this 100% indestructible technology that somehow hasn't been translated to anything else in 200 years?


It could be another addition to "Better Power Armor" or "Scarcity - Destructible Power Armor and More" where once the pieces are destroyed, THEN the damage taken on that limb is split between your limb and the frame


After it takes enough damage it kicks you out and falls to the ground like on dead NPCs as a "Broken Power Armor Frame" - this could go well with "Restore Power Armor Frames" in that you could headshot an enemy then take his power armor, but if you nuke and nade him to death, that thing is destroyed


Then I guess you could come back with a very expensive Power Armor Frame Repair Kit or something, this could be a good expansion on "Some Assembly Required" and "Scarcity - Destructible Power Armor and More"


Please and thanks

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