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Skinning a mesh


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I am trying since one week to port a ring from LE to SE. The problem is that the nif isn't skinned so I need to add the skin to it. First I used skin nif optimizer to turn it into SE nif. It was visible in game, but was lying on the ground and not moving when equipped. Then I imported it with 3ds max and selected every part of mesh and added skin modifier, added NPC R Finger 30 Bone to skin modifier and added BSDismember Skin modifier with Skyrim Ring option. After that I exported it. Now it's invisible in game. I tried also copying BSLightingShaderProperty from original converted mesh and adding "Skinned" flash to it, but it had no effect. I tried copying the BSDismemberSkinInstance Blocks to the original converted mesh and it didn't worked. The mesh was then exploding with weird colors in game. Anyone can help me ?

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