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[Mod Request] TRISS Novigrad-fitting wardrobe 👗�😩


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[Mod Request] TRISS Novigrad-fitting wardrobe


Since the first time I encountered Triss in Novigrad, her outfit has bothered me - for several reasons. :dry:


- First and most importantly, she is BROKE.

We know her goal is to evacuate the mages and thus she is in dire need of coin. But what does she wear? A PEARL studded jerkin. Da F*** !?

Why doesn't she sell it ??? That thing is worth a small fortune with the amount of pearls on it ... It makes no sense!


- Secondly, she is in HIDING.

Posters of her likeness and exact outfit are plastered all over town ... and she just prances around like that anyway. DITCH the clothes !!!

Like you did with your outfit from before (Witcher 2) that can be seen on the floor in your ransacked appartement (a little easter egg)!

This is also the reason why I don't want to use a mod that gives her the old outfit, because it doesn't make sense to wear it (as I just explained).


- Thirdly, she sticks out like a sore thumb.

Look at the crowd walking around Novigrad, especially in the poorer streets, which is where she mostly conducts her business.

Yen, as mage adviser to Emhyr, can wear outfits as fancy and outrageous as she likes, but Triss is in a VERY different situation.



I mean, look at these concept arts for Triss. The fourth from the first picture (long grey frock) and the third from the second picture (blue pants, high neck) would be perfect for her.

Why didn't they choose either of THOSE !? (sigh)



For those reasons, I am desperately awaiting a mod that delivers a lore-fitting, story-fitting, other mod-friendly wardrobe for Triss.


I recently saw a mod by ~Ryan~ called "New Triss and More - WIP" that goes in the right direction, but unfortunately changes other outfits as well and uses the same outfit for multiple characters which makes this mod unusable for my taste.

I tried asking for the individual outfit mod file, but so far no answer.

Other mods I've seen are either too fancy, lewd, buggy or body-altering.


What I would like for Triss is an outfit that ...

- looks rather travel-worn and dull (no flashy colors) and blends in with Novigrad's underbelly society

- hides her hair with an appropriate hood/scarf/cap when the situation requires it

- is lore-friendly aka hides her chest scars

- shows her necklace as it is quest-related (must be seen when asked for by the house-owners)


- is compatible with other hair-/face-/body-/masquerade-dress altering mods

(and doesn't break the game, obviously)


I wouldn't mind if Triss wore a re-colored outfit of a Velen/Novigrad NPC if it fits the criteria. That would actually make it an ideal candidate for blending in.


If some modder would take on my request I would be overjoyed and you would do the Witcher community a great service :wub:

Please <3


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