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Problem of my game?


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Okay,month ago, i bought Legend of Grimrock, and i played a lot..The problem is the next; My game does'nt reconogsize the mods, or that's what i see when i try to start a new game and i can't change the dungeon...

I use Nexus Mod Manager(Used it before for Skyrim, and helped a lot!) .

I activate the mods, also, i searched where's the mods were installed, in this case : C:\Users\*****\Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock\Dungeons

By the way, i think the problem is the next: I did'nt install the game in primary disk, i installed in : E:\Legend of Grimrock(Disk for games xD) , i tried to move it to C:\Program Files\gog.com\Legend of Grimrock , does'nt work either.


Sorry this bad english, i'm not american or british, and i did nt study it xD

Thank you for all, seriously. And, thanks to the moderatos, to the mod creators, and everything, u're AWESOME.

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I was not allowed to fix it, Tim..But now i know why it happens, it because we have to wait to the next patch of grimrock, that allows the player to play created dungeons! ^^ Only a few people did get it, and it was a beta, now we have to wait, that's all :D
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