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Stuck with carry weight capacity 0


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So, I'm not normally one to ask for help, but I've spent nearly 10 hours fiddling and Google searching trying to fix this problem.


Some background:

I'm following this guide here called Total Immersion Mod List

I don't have all the mods installed but maybe 90% of them I do.

The game launches fine. All the menus work to my knowledge, although there are some menu items that have "##" in front of them, but I don't know if it negatively affects anything yet.

I'm stuck having to only walk everywhere because I'm always over encumbered because my inventory says something like "26/0"

The workaround I have in place right now is, I have installed modDisableOverEncumbered from the Over 9000 mod and just going by the honor system regarding carry weight.


My main question is this:

Which script or file is the one that controls how much carry weight Geralt can carry in his inventory? If I knew that, I could narrow down the culprit to a max of 5 mods, then I can use process of elimination from there.

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The plot thickens...


I was using the Witcher 3 Merge Tool to inspect (not merge because merging XML is asking for trouble) the bundled files and found the "geralt_stats.xml" file by inspecting the differences between Vanilla, GhostMode, and mod120ngplus (also from the Over 9000 mod).


I have no other mods that try to make changes to this file.


GhostMode leaves the encumbrance at 60, and there is no mod that sets that to 0, so why is it showing up as 0 in game, then?


I've included a screenshot of the line of XML I am referring to.



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I have exactly this problem following this "

Yet Another The Witcher 3 Mod List"

guide on nexusmods.


No problems whatso-ever. Only problem is I'm stuck with a carry weight capacity of 0 and I'm not able to get any money (the digit always remains zero).


If anyone could point me in a direction it would be appreciated.



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