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ME3Explorer Help for Editing Dialogue Wheel for ME1


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I am in the process of editing the Dialogue Wheel text for Mass Effect 1. I have been using the ME1 TLK Editor to unpack the UPK files and convert the TLK content into the editable XML format to accomplish this, as shown here.

Having done so, I am trying to wrap my head around how the game applies colors to dialogue choices that are associated with Charm or Intimidate.

I would like to make a mod that will display Paragon and Renegade results for dialogue choices, have them color coded teal and orange, and also display Charm and Intimidate requirements where applicable (I won't have to color code the latter since they are already blue and red).

Any help is appreciated. I have been reading through this article on the ME3Explorer wiki, but it does not concern ME1, nor does it elaborate on the color-coding system.

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