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Design Update - Our New Navigation is here


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In response to post #73617773. #73617973, #73618278, #73619398 are all replies on the same post.

Clanggedin wrote: Why having removed the thumbnail images for the notifications? Why having removed the numbers of notifications and replaced them by a simple +?
LucyAuditore wrote: Why making an update at all? *sighs* The navigation is horrible (at least in my humble opinion) - you don‘t have to reinvent the wheel again and again.
Clanggedin wrote: And I also just saw that now, clicking on a notification was entirely removing it from the list, whereas with the old design, it was staying, allowing the user to return on that particular link later. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to do that, but it is certainly not an improvement.
JJaANF wrote: It is removed from this list BUT if you click "see all" (just right of the title" Notificatications"), it is still in that list...

Still better than nothing, I guess...

Exactly those images were so helpful. And they replaced them with some useless icon. What a stupid decision! Edited by Amrovich
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PLEASE. give me back my thumbnails. i dont wanna read all the updates or even open the next page just because i want to quickly check for relevant updates. why is there a heart in front of my updates instead of a useful thumbnail which gives quick info.
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I don't really understand why the change was necessary?

The previous version was fine, at least from my perspective.

I find this one fairly annoying to use... mostly because I feel that the change was completely unwarranted, and I have to waste time getting used to a new set up that is full of, what I see as, dumb user interface choices.

Don't be like facebook and make changes for the sake of changes.

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In response to post #73618083. #73618123, #73618268 are all replies on the same post.

Streptococo wrote: Hi, before you could stay in the same game while browsing the mods by clicking on Nexusmods icon which now leads to the main homepage. Is there a way to keep going to the game homepage you are browsing with just one click? because honestly I don't understand this change since I suppose anyone will spend more time by browsing from whatever game homepage's mods than by going to the main homepage to switch games. So while now it's great and faster to switch games, browsing mods from the same game (which I supposed was the main purpose of this site) has become quite... "annoying?"
BigBizkit wrote: Please take a look at the last image in the news post which addresses that change. Let me know if you are still unsure ;)
Streptococo wrote: Yes I read the news and seen the picture you are referring to. But to my understanding That's 2 clicks, not 1 like before. and that's why I made this comment.

Whatever I guess It's time to use old right click open new tab like in those old sites

Instead of clicking the Nexus Mods logo, you instead click the game name to return to the front page of that game site. Still one click.
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In response to post #73619423.

Chev70 wrote: Beurk beurk beurk ! I really don't like the new design at all; it's not practical at all; It's empty; it's ugly .... and no proposals in the search engine when I type the first letters of what I'm looking for.

I didn't ask anything; I want to recover the old version . You put us before the fact accomplished with no choice but to accept like as Panurge sheeps.

Signed, a longtime user very dissatisfied

Hi Chev,

happy to clear that up: this is not a change in the design.

The search service struggled momentarily (probably because a lot of people were testing it) and thus failed to display the previews correctly. This should be back to normal now - if it isn't for you, again, that is not part of the new design.

The previews are still there just as before as you can see here: https://imgur.com/a/Xt1dIAM

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Not huge fan of these changes, navigation top bar is barely visible, notifications have no thumbnails, mod tracking is moved (couldn't even find where). I really liked that the site theme was blue for Skyrim, green for Fallout4 etc, now it's all gone and looks like mobile webpage.
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Get rid of the dumb black bar, you have cut the screen by a third. With the address bar above it and the stupid black bar a third of the screen is gone. This is a phone, not a lot of room to begin with.
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Hate it hate it hate it. Notifications are now harder to use. As a modder with limited time the previous design was great. Everything accesible from one location. I could quickly see how many notifications I had to review and answer.


You know what you have done? You created windows 8 with its tablet style menu. You are forcing a user interface no one was asking for and majority don’t want. And you are seeing the same backlash as windows 8, which is why windows 10 replaced it. We are tinkers, modders, hobbyists , geeks who don’t need a dumbed down system. Nor enjoy one.


Give us at least a toggle to switch to previous menu system. This is awful.



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