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dragon companion/flying redone


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https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36788/?tab=logs I used to play this mod in old skyrim. It hasn't been worked on since 2013 on the nexus so I am wondering if it's abandoned. Either ways, having a mod similar or better than this one in special edition might be kinda cool. Basically you get different spells that tell your dragon to do different things like "move here", "hover here", "land here","leave", "come", and "perch here". Biggest issue I had was that the dragon seemed to be fighting with wanting to move to a spot and flying in circles. Really wish the skyrim engine would allow better flying mechanics like in drakengard for the ps2. Second issue was the breeding and growing cycle seemed too fast. Third issue was the game unable to handle flying long distances due to how fast the graphics was able to load. Maybe that would change with my higher end desktop. When paired with the real time dragon fast travel mod made for some sweet screenshots when the games wasn't busy glitching out. so hopefully an expert modder would rebuild an awesome dragon riding mod.

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