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What is your hobby?


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Just being myself! Everything else is what someone suggested for me to do when I was being myself. They suggested I should have a hobby. I thought what I was doing was something.

I just hadn't learned what the word hobby meant yet and that word and it's meaning caused all kinds of troubles before and after I did.

Is seeking to play a character in a video game to act like and pretend I am them for awhile a hobby? Like preparing an act so I can be an Actor acting?

Otherwise; I have chores.

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Mostly dog related, working with them over the past few years has brought about a lot of changes in my life. Volunteering, training, boarding, kennel attending, day care, being a live in care taker.


My main hobby is my dog Henry I guess you could say, I do everything for him, everything I do is for him.


Daily adventures, hikes, walks, runs, playing, or just hanging out with him.


Literally all my free time and energy is devoted to this dog of mine.


Yes, I still collect obscure metal music, gothic, and electronic stuff.


Play games, fish, draw, paint, do photography.


But it's all really back seat, this dog is my world really.


It's all about him, 24/7.

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First it was soap making, I loved dousing them in 100% essential oil but the smell dissipates to quickly so I found the perfume essential oil out last the others so I started using that instead, its also cheaper.

Then I found out about making my own aftershave but hit a snag when the local alcohol laws were 150 proof at best so I found out how to ferment and distill my own alcohol to get it as strong as possible and here is were 100 % essential oils shine it'll keep its scent far longer in an enclosed bottle then out in the open like soap.

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  • Developing small electronics projects (not so much lately, currently addicted to Fallout 4)



I'm addicted to Fallout 4 as well. I played the game and it's DLCs a lot, made some smaller mods for myself. Then I gave the buiding system a second try and I was hooked. It didn't take me long to create some craftable stuff for the workshop. Now I'm playing around in Outfit Studio most of the time. As soon as my current Fallout 4 project is finished I will probably continue to work on my long-term project for Oblivion.

My other hobbies are reading books and watching movies (sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, thriller, cyberpunk), drawing and searching for detailed information on things that pop into my mind such as psychological themes.

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Well aside from playing video games and petting my pets.. Reading Manga, Novels, listening to my favorite music playlists, watching anime and my favorite Youtubers whenever I got time for them.

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