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What is your hobby?


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Poker. I play Poker online and in real life. Usually, play poker for small amounts with friends and office colleagues. We usually do this at a corporate event or at a somebody's birthday party. Although, I'm keen on football/soccer and tennis.

What's the most helpful poker trick you've picked up along the way? I have a couple games coming up myself.

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If you don't count stuff like playing video games and watching anime, I really enjoy making music. I started off making midis but now I just produce stuff in FLstudio. Mainly trap, EDM and sometimes orchestral stuff.


I also have an interest in languages and learning them. Right now I'm only learning Japanese (using input based methods) but I plan on learning and dabbling in other languages later on (maybe Mandarin for the practical value or Arabic because I just like how it sounds).

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OLD HOBBY for the past 10 years I ran half a dozen websites with forums just like these, you can do that really cheaply with the right host and I'd still be doing that now too if the communities I helped to build up didnt just move onto Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ WhatsApp , I used Dreamhost years back because they were a superb host and allowed you to run numerous websites for the same price as running just one website and back then, most hosts would look at you and say "We're charging you per website" well Dreamhost didnt (doesnt) do that and are excellent in so many other ways too, anyway a couple of months back I just walked away from that lot and here I am with new horizons


NEW HOBBY so now I am going crazy on reading books, I havemnt been down to my library in years, so I went in there and a saw a pile of books "QUICK READS" I got one SCI FI, one olde worlde and one Romance, heey I am reading all three , switching between them as I go


Superand : Why did you choose to learn Japanese? have you been to Japan?

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