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Donation Points Stats and No Ads for Mod Authors


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It has now been well over a year since we launched our mod author rewards program - the Donation Points system - intended to give back to the very people who spend their time creating the mods we all enjoy and love. We're very proud of what we've been able to achieve so far with the DP system and you can now get an overview and breakdown of the distribution of DP on our new, dedicated DP stats page. But that’s not all: As part of our commitment to giving back to our modding community, we recently implemented a site-wide change and permanently disabled advertisements for recognised mod authors.



Donation Points System Stats page is now live


Over 6,800 mod authors have made use of the DP system, opting-in more than 37,000 of their mods in the process. The DP they have earnt have been used to purchase over 370 Premium memberships and more than 400 game keys available in the DP store. On top of that, over $4,000 has been donated to charitable causes including Doctor's Without Borders and the Wildlife Conservation Society.


We are thrilled with how the system has been received and as of today you can get a good overview of how much money we have put into the system thus far, get a breakdown of DP earned “by game”, see how much has been donated to charity and more on our brand new dedicated DP stats page. This page will be updated automatically each month as and when payouts are made, and we'll provide a link to this page from your Wallet page in the near future for easy access.


As you can see on the stats page, we have so far put over $156,700 into the system, or roughly $9,000 per month (up from $8,000 initially) - a sum which is further supplemented every month by the generous donations of users contributing to our Mod Author Donation Fund on Patreon.


Seeing how well the DP system has been received by the community, we are committed to doing our part and will try to give back to mod authors where and when we can going forward.



No more Ads for Mod Authors


In a similar vein, we recently implemented a change to the way advertisements are delivered on our site to include mod authors in the “ad-free” group. In other words: in addition to Premium members and supporters, recognised mod authors will no longer see ads on the site.


This effectively means that if you have released at least one mod with 1,000 unique downloads or more, or several mods that have been downloaded 1,000 times in total, you will no longer be seeing ads on the site. This will be irrespective of whether you are a supporter or Premium member of the site.


This is another small way in which we can give back to the people who are doing their part in making our modding community what it is.



With that being said, thank you to all the mod authors, and happy modding!

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Much appreciated! I sure hate seeing ads all over sites popping up in my face, often in pop-ups that are very disruptive, and then being told I'd have to pay to have them removed.
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