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XCOM Heros


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Further to a discussion in 'general' we should get a working list of 'Heros' you can summon by naming your soldiers after specific people...


So far on the list of 1 (Thanks to miked79):


Name: Sid Meier

Class: Support

Will: 200

Health: 20

Aim: 100

Armor: PSI

Weapons: Plasma Rifle/Plasma Pistol

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little extra information


Sid has 200 will, Ken has 200 aim (even with snapshot instead of squadsight!), Otto has 100 health, and as far as I know Joe doesn't have a specialized stat like the others, just 100 in both aim and will.


For those who don't know-

Ken Levine is the founder of Irrational Games

Joe Kelly is the writer of Deadpool, Uncanny X-Men, Action Comics, and JLA, and also apparantly one of the creators of Ben 10.

And Otto Zander is the main character of most of GuavaMoment's LPs of the XCOM series... And also the name of a very influential nazi- he's not named after the second thing. :P


I don't need to explain who Sid Meier is.


They also all have custom nicknames.


Sid Meier is 'Godfather'

Ken Levine is 'Big Daddy'

Joe Kelly is 'Archangel'

and Otto Zander is 'Unbreakable'


Just to 'fill out' the topic with all the info about them.

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