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Stardew Valley

Installing Stardew Valley Expanded with Vortex


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Hey everyone! Let's cover a fast topic about Stardew Valley Expanded!


SVE is usually a laborious undertaking, since it requires so many mods and requires an edit of one of them. Vortex can actually make it easier for you! I gave it a shot myself and I am rocking SVE no problem!

Let me explain how exactly I did it so you too can share in the experience:


  • The first step is to Install Vortex - 1.0.5 is the current version I used to get this working.
  • After installation is complete, log into you nexus account
  • On the left panel click on Games. This will show you the games supported by Vortex. You might have to scan for games. Click on Manage on the Stardew Valley picture.
  • You should be set up now so go to the SMAPI Website and download the Latest version of SMAPI.
  • After you install SMAPI, head over to the Stardew Valley Modding Page.
  • Go to each of the following Mod pages and Download with Vortex:
  1. Content Patcher
  2. Entoarox Framework
  3. PyTK - Platonymous Tool Kit
  4. TMX Loader
  5. Custom NPC Fixes
  6. Stardew Vally Expanded - There will be some extra steps if you want to use one of the approved recolors
  7. Farm Type Manager
  8. Winter Grass
  9. NPC Map Locations - There is a SVE version available. Take that instead.
  • The approved recolors are Immersive Farm 2 Remastered, Unofficial Starblue Valley Update, or Eemie's Map Recolor for CP. These are NOT Required as they are just aesthetics. However, if you do use them you will need their compatibility patches.
  • Install each of these mods and allow Vortex to install them! Once done tell vortex to Enable all, you may need to elevate the deployment.
  • There is a special xnb within the SVE's unzipped folder. If you want to watch the special intro you will have to install that xnb manually. If you don't care to see it then you can just Skip Intro for better compatibility and less stress for yourself.



If there are any problems, please take the time to ask here, or refer to the Troubleshooting Guide provided by FlashShifter, the author of SVE.


For more information on the installation of Stardew Valley mods click on over to the Nexus Mods Vortex Wiki for Stardew Valley

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